I’ve always wanted a best friend. Someone as prominent in my life as breathing. Someone who didn’t confuse my mixed thoughts with insanity, and knew that sometimes, words just aren’t needed. I knew I found that friend when I met you. Our friendship started as fire and gasoline. I’d ignite you, and you’d burn me. But along with acceptance, came understanding that we weren’t as opposite as we’d made ourselves out to be. Like a warm shot of whiskey, we warmed each other with words, and found it so easy to pour ourselves out to each other. Sometimes people have to go. You left like a leaf caught in the wind. Not sure where you were going, you just knew you wouldn’t be able to stay. Left in the dark like a broken light, I silently understood why you had to go. He may have been the knife that severed our conversations, but my friendship with you, will always remain.
Let me tell you about my best friend (via radiating-colorless)