The corner store doesn’t sell
those jalapeño chips anymore
said after you stopped coming
no one bought them
I threw up in the aisle you used
to kiss me in
after you grabbed my sunflower
seeds and I pushed you up
against the canned soup
I fell right to the ground and
threw up
told the cashier it was a hangover
then offered to clean up
I’m falling apart like
your family during Christmas last year
I wake up feeling your mouth on my neck
and it takes a good 5 minutes
to stop screaming and
reaching for your face
I can’t breathe
my lungs are full of a name
I can’t say anymore
and now the corner store is just a graveyard
a place I go to fall apart
and try not to think about the irony
of loving you in the aisle with all the
no one told me it would be like this
no poetry
no art
no music
just a steady nosedive off a cliff
I am breaking so quietly
sometimes I can’t hear it
I am breaking so slowly
I want to kiss erosion on the mouth
beg her to take me screaming
face first into the water
Corner store | Caitlyn S. (via alonesomes)

This. This is what it was like when you fucking left.

(via radiating-hate)